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Monday, February 10, 2014

Andy's Best Friend AMIR is Getting Adopted! Please Help

I haven't posted in ages!!! But if you remember Andy's best friend...like a brother...still in Ukraine...has a chance to be adopted!
If you aren't crying get your tissues.

This sweet boy has been in the orphanages for years...at least as long as Andy...til Andy left which means since 5 and he is 15 going on 16.  Yes, this is likely his only and last chance.

Below are links to donate...keep update...read more...you know the drill.

I'll be brief bc honestly its midnight and who am I kidding I have 3 kids...2 of which will most likely wake up before I am ready and forget beauty sleep I just need a little shut eye ;)

Amir has been up for adoption at least 3 other times and because of red tape and circumstances out of his control has not gotten to go home.  It's heartbreaking.
The last family tried desparately to bring him home into their family...along with his sisters.  However, his sisters decided they did not want to go, they were older... and refused to allow him despite his please.  I can't even go there right now.
He then was hit by a car and broke ten million bones...I'll get that pic for you.
So now...1 year before he ages out he has his chance.

I truly believe God has an amazing plan for Amir.  He is family.  Since the day we said goodbye in Simferopal--which I can't even talk about without bawling....I have felt like we left him.  I have had a passion to help get him a family.  So has an amazing woman named Marie and now Janice and her family are making that a reality.

Here's the deal...Janice and her husband are already in Ukraine when they got word of Amir...they fell in love and wanted to bring him home to be a part of their family.  However they are 11k short...and time is running out.
Will you help? Even a dollar is good.
Spread the word and read the links...donate!


They are calling him Emmett in this blog bc the facilitator didn't want them to use his real name yet..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking for free bikes. My son and I are fixing them up for people in need. Just let me know what you got. Currently we are not turning down anything.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back To School....Middle School that is

Well Andy's 1st day of 5th grade was great! He loves his teachers and so do we and we are very pleased with the school. There is another student in his class who is also from Ukraine! What are the chances. I told Andy "man God really watches out for you" and he replied, "yep, He sure does"
and smiled.
And that about sums up how we feel right now. I look back and this time last year--well this time last year we were on the beach in Ukraine...but as far as 1st days of school goes this time last year was so much different.
Last time on his 1st day of school he only knew a handful of English. He had only been in the States a few weeks. Its so crazy how time flies. It feels like we've been here forever and yet its not really even been a full year.

Yesterday Andrew and I celebrated our Anniversary. And I remember on our last anniversary we were eating pizza at the beach in Ukraine. Andy spoke maybe 10 words in English and yet we laughed and had fun...well, I remember it that way at least...my blog may say otherwise. lol
Anyway, this year we celebrated and Andy bought me roses--is that not the sweetest thing.
He told us, I have an anniversary surprise for you--out come a dozen roses. Is this kid golden or what.

This morning I was complementing Andy on his school work and how he'd already written down the full week's assignments (something he forgot a lot last school year) and he just looked at me and said "well yeah, I'm getting older and that's what you do" as if, of course. He even looks older. It's bittersweet because I want to keep him a 'baby' forever, but its so amazing to watch him mature. He explained to me how the teachers said they have more freedom this year bc its middle school and how of course with freedom comes responsibility. I swear when he said it he grew an inch. Before I know it he'll be taller than me.

Life's going well. Andy is more settled than ever. We had a great summer and as Andy so quickly agreed to before, I think, Man, God really watches out for him.

Friday, August 14, 2009

we just took andy in 4 day 1 of 5th grade. Really excited @ this school. I can't believe he's getting so big. I had to force myself not take the camera in!
I woke up this morning and Andy was already dressed for school and ready to go! 2 cute. 5th grade here we come!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Testing one two three. Testing one two.